Announcing the Winners of the PayString BlockSprint Hackathon

On September 25, 2020, Ripple, in partnership with UCL's BlockSprint, kicked off a two-week long $25K+ virtual hackathon on Devpost in order to continue momentum and drive further engagement of the PayString developer community.

Over 100 developers from all over the world registered to participate in the PayString BlockSprint Hackathon, and in the end, over 10 projects were submitted.

We were once again overwhelmed by the overall quality, difficulty, value and impact of all the projects submitted. Narrowing down the list was a difficult task.

Last night, we announced the finalists at the UBRI Connect virtual conference.

3 Honorable Mentions were named, of which each team will receive $500 in XRP.

Fuse.ID is to PayString what Gmail is to email.

PyBuy is a PayString integration with Django eCommerce sites.

XRP eCommerce allows shopping without borders using XRP and PayString.

3 winners were announced, who will be taking home a total of $22.5K in XRP.

In 3rd place, winning $2,500 in XRP, PayTV is a Netflix style FireTV app that integrates the PayString admin server and API to make digital payments to artists easy.

In 2nd place, winning $5,000 in XRP, Peerkat allows livestreaming on-demand with XRP and PayString.

In 1st place, for the grand prize of $15,000 in XRP, PayString Secure is a privacy preserving PayString server using decentralized identity (DID) and Access Control Lists (ACL).

Thank you to all the developers for participating in the PayString BlockSprint Hackathon. PayString launched in June, so it's inspiring to see the developer community continue building apps that solve real-world problems using PayString.

If you're a developer that's interested in building on PayString, then join the Discord channel, where hundreds of developers hang out everyday to help each other solve problems and build cool stuff.